Convert PSD to PNG via Node.js

Automating and manipulating media is a fascination of mine, partly because I don’t understand the magic behind it and partly because the idea of turning one thing into another is fun and useful.  That latest media tool that has piqued my interest is a JavaScript tool called psd.js.

psd.js is a project that allows you to read PSD files, including:

  • Document structure and size
  • Layer/folder size + positioning, names, visibility, and opacity
  • Font data (via psd-enginedata)
    • Text area contents
    • Font names, sizes, and colors
  • Color mode and bit-depth
  • Vector mask data
  • Flattened image data
  • Layer comps

What the media converter and JavaScript lover in me found most awesome was one basic feature: converting a PSD to PNG with JavaScript!

That’s a nice, tidy API there and I love that it doesn’t require anything other than JavaScript (many other Node.js image libraries require ImageMagick on the machine).