New jQuery Plugins for November 2015

We hope you will find the list useful for your work; you can increase the list by letting us know few more useful plugins in the comment section.

1. Simple Image Panner and Zoomer

simple image panner and zoomer
Simple Image Panner is a free jQuery plugin that lets you pan and zoom in on large images that are confined inside smaller containers.

2. Dropit

Dropit is a jQuery plugin for single level dropdown menu’s. Just simple and flexible dropdown’s in jQuery.

3. CircletPreloader

CircletPreloader is a lightweight jQuery plugin to create circular preloader animation.

4. Lobibox

Lobibox is a responsive jQuery messagebox and notification plugin.Both Messageboxes and Notifications has some useful option to customize.

5. jQuery Touch Events

jQuery Mobile Events
This is a series of plugins that create additional events that can be used in combination with jQuery when developing for mobile devices. The events are also compatible with desktop browsers to ensure ultimate compatibility for your projects.

6. Ideal Image Slider

ideal image slider
Ideal Image Slider is a simple slider that has just the right amount of features, with no bloat and be easy to extend so that more features can be added as “extensions”.

7. Notiejs

Notie.js is a clean and simple notification plugin (alert/growl style) for javascript, with no dependencies.

8. herbyCookie

herbyCookie is an easy jQuery plugin asking at user for cookie allowing a website to comply with the EU cookie law.

9. Preloader.js

Preloader.js is a jQuery plugin to create YouTube like progress bar for your website. It’s simple, fast and customizable.

10. Digital Write

digital write jquery
Digital Write is a jQuery plugin to write characters on a 5X5 matrix with color, animations and size. It can be used in loaders, welcome messages etc.

11. Readable

Readable is a jQuery plugin to help you create optimally sized paragraphs for maximum readability. It injects styling between the 45th and 75th character of every p tag on your page.

12. jQuery Brazzers Carousel

jquery brazzer carousel
jQuery Brazzers Carousel is a lightweight, responsive thumbnails hover carousel plugin for Blogs & Online Stores.

13. jColumn

jColumn is a lightweight jQuery plugin to make selected html elements the same height.

14. nuContextMenu

nucontext menu
nuContextMenu is a jQuery plugin to create modern context menu with Font Awesome support for web apps.

15. Regal Parallax

regal parallax
Regal Parallax is a jQuery plugin for parallax effect.

16. Ion.PhotoZoom

Awesome lightbox with polaroid-like zoom effects. Beautiful way to present your photo gallery on any web site. From small mobile screen to large, HiDPI desktop screen. Unique super fast flipping speed, several build in skins and much more.

17. rPage

rPage is an easy to use plugin for making Bootstrap 3’s pagination more responsive. rPage automatically shrinks the pagination component and removes some of its elements when there isn’t enough room.

18. Visualkeys

VisualKeys is a jQuery plugin to configure shortcuts to users most used actions. It’s best on web interfaces where users have to execute repetitive tasks giving them a faster way to do the job.