Weekly Design Inspiration (N.1)

This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite web designs.

LEVELSunday 03, May

Find a balance in your life! Level Barvikha Residence offers a balanced living in a comfort of a city apartment surrounded by a natural landscape of Moscow region. The website explores this balance with a rich responsive presentation and a collection of immersive interactive features.

Inside Abbey RoadMonday 04, May

Inside Abbey Road
Inside Abbey Road lets anyone step inside Abbey Road Studios & follow in the footsteps of musical legends. Explore the rooms, discover stories, historic images and videos, and play with innovative equipment.

Tiger ChallengeTuesday 05, May

Tiger Challenge
The Tiger Challenge website, set up together with the WWF Russia, allows runners to compare their achievements with those of an endangered Amur tiger living in Russia’s Far East. We have fixed a gps tag on one of Amur tigers that allows us to track its location. An adult tiger can run up to 80 km per day, about 10-20 km on average. Anyone can try to fight with the new competitor, by connecting the site with their chosen running app and start acting. Those who lose the competition “owe” the tiger $10. It is up to the participant whether to donate the money to the fund or not. The project has been created to raise awareness of the precarious situation the Amur tiger faces. There are only 450 of them in existence in the wild today.

Do Amaral, A.Wednesday 06, May

Do Amaral, A.
Showcase of the award-winning brazilian designer Andre do Amaral, with more than 10 years of experience he lives and works in Los Angeles.

The BoatThursday 07, May

The Boat
‘The Boat’, an interactive graphic novel about escape after the Vietnam War. Based on the story by Nam Le, adapted by Matt Huynh.

BLITZ AgencyFriday 08, May

BLITZ Agency
We’re BLITZ, the agency for the connected world, and we’ve put together a new site experience that tells the story of how we turn brands from famous into favorites.

Fornasetti | HistorySaturday 09, May

Fornasetti | History
Fornasetti is a historic design brand, globally known for its ironic and non-conventional style. AQuest has been chosen to redesign the History section of the website.