Weekly Design Inspiration (N.2)

This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite web designs.

Riga Ghetto Holocaust MuseumSunday 10, May

Riga Ghetto Holocaust Museum
A Window Into The Story of the Riga Ghetto

Weber – BBQ CulturesMonday 11, May

Weber - BBQ Cultures
In a combination of cinematic and interactive elements this Weber campaign takes the user on an inspirational journey through five distinct BBQ cultures.

LunarTuesday 12, May

We craft unique digital experiences throughout the universe.

SparkedWednesday 13, May

We’ve pushed the boundaries for a business to business platform. Experience the minimalistic design, simplifying a complex business model.

Ava SessionsThursday 14, May

Ava Sessions
In Ava Sessions, a new experience for the film Ex Machina, an A.I. named Ava uses facial recognition and emotion tracking to analyze you as she draws your portrait in real time and in three dimensions.

RevelatorFriday 15, May

Revelator is the only platform you need to run a music business. Explore what the software offers through an animated story that highlights key features and product UI.

Brdr. KrügerSaturday 16, May

Brdr. Krüger
Brdr. Krüger is a 125 old woodshop that produces well renown Danish furniture classics. Just as with much of the furniture itself, the new digital identity is based on design principles inspired by the simplicity of Swiss design as well as the era it comes from.